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GiLE Workshops and training sessions (students)(2)

Global Institute for Lifelong Empowerment (GiLE) organises workshops and training sessions in Budapest for students and future leaders.


Global studies provide compelling evidence that the future workplace will be significantly more interpersonal. However, most (higher) education institutions still don’t allocate enough weight in the curriculum/syllabus for developing (soft) interpersonal skills.


Our intervention is set up to (1) future-proof your career, (2) improve your employability and (3) develop your self-awareness!


We do this by offering opportunities to develop your:

(Soft) skills

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“Hard skills may look great on your CV/resume, but it’s the soft skills that will maintain your relevance in Industry 4.0”

We organise the following workshops and Trainings

Adaptability &
Change Management


Advanced Communication

Stress & Anxiety

Intercultural Skills


Emotional Intelligence &

Leadership skills

Innovation &
creativity skills

decision making

Next Training Session:

The Contemporary Leader

Date/Time: 16th of September 2020 (Wednesday), from 19:00 to 21:00 (GMT+2)

Location: Közkincs Könyvtár – Rákóczi út 11. Budapest, Hungary 1088

Professional Trainer: Valeriano Donzelli


In this interactive workshop you will learn how the leadership paradigms are evolving and discover more about the characteristics that make a contemporary leader able to make a difference in the life of individuals, in the community, and, ultimately, in the world.

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