Is there really a crisis
in higher education?

Or is everyone just making
a hype about nothing?

Many people say that higher education will never be the same again. Students and professors around the world are anxious about what their university experience will be like next semester.

Can you relate to this?


Join our webinar series for engaging and thought-provoking discussions about the

future of higher education.

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Webinar Details:


11th of June 2020 (Thursday)


19:00 to 20:15 (CEST)

Online Platform:

Zoom Webinar

We will discuss:

How to future-proof your career for Industry 4.0?;

What are interpersonal skills and why are they so important?

Meet your Host​

Mr. Johnson has an interdisciplinary background with academic qualifications in international relations, ethics and finance. He has organised and moderated several scientific conferences, panel discussions and workshops. Mr. Johnson has also worked in various international firms, such as Deloitte and KPMG, and he served in public office for the South African government.


As the Co-Founder of GiLE, Mr. Johnson is highly driven to scale up initiatives that are specifically aimed at advancing education, inspiring stakeholders to do more, and better preparing the youth of today for the challenges that the future will bring.

Previous Webinars:

01 - The Future of Higher Education, Post COVID-19​

📅 Date: 25th of May, 2020

In this webinar, we discuss the following aspects:


✅ What changes we can expect to see going forward;

✅ Digital divisions in education;

✅ Difference between emergency remote learning & online learning;

✅ How to manage digital distractions in the classroom & elsewhere;

✅ The need for more teacher training; and

✅ What it means to be a human in the 21st century.

Our Expert Guests

➡️ Dr. András Szöllősi-Nagy (Hungary)

Professor at National University of Public Service (Hungary).

Former Rector at UNESCO-IHE

Member of GiLE’s Board of Trustees

➡️ Sophia Mavridi (UK)

Digital Learning Specialist at De Montfort University (U.K.)

Member of GiLE’s Editorial Board

➡️ Lon Appleby (Canada)

Professor at Durham College in Oshawa.

Founder of The Global Class