Is there really a crisis
in higher education?

Or is everyone just making
a hype about nothing?

Join our webinars for real-time discussions on engaging and thought-provoking topics that concern the

future of higher education and the gaps that exist therein.

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Founder & Co-Creator, GiLE Foundation

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06 - The Fascinating Connection Between
Communication Skills, Theatre and Storytelling.

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General topic areas covered:


✅ Discover the power of theatre practices and theatre philosophy so that you can enhance your communication skills;


✅ Expose yourself to storytelling techniques that have long proven to be successful in communication;


✅ Learn how you can use storytelling to improve your connection with people and audiences., in both professional and personal contexts.

Featured guest speakers:

Alexis Latham

Founder of LathamFlow &

Director of Scallabouche Theatre

Valeriano Donzelli

President of InSpiral Foundation

Corporate Executive, GE Hungary (Gas Power)

Since leaving the Welsh College of Music and Drama in 1990, Alexis has worked as an actor, director and trainer all over Europe and the UK.


With his Scallabouche theatre company, founded in 1998, he has directed performed and created countless theatre performances as well appearing in film and on TV. He has continually used his experience from the performing arts to create and run highly successful communication workshops for many types of people
from young offenders to CEO’s.


As an actor, Alexis is known for The Pillars of the Earth (2010), Titanic (2012) and Klipperek 2.0 (2005).

Valeriano Donzelli (Vale) is a Leadership and Communication Skills Coach, a Corporate Executive and the President of InSpiral Foundation.


Vale has 16 years of experience in leadership and management. In the last 5 years, he’s been teaching and coaching using Storytelling and Nonviolent Communication techniques.


Vale believes that by changing the fundamentals of leadership and communication, we can create a world where compassion, service, sustainability, and purpose will allow everyone to thrive.

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