Is there really a crisis
in higher education?

Or is everyone just making
a hype about nothing?

Many experts claim that higher education will never be the same again. Educators, students and parents around the world are anxious about what the university experience will be like next academic year/semester.


Can you relate? Or are you genuinely curious about the future of higher education?


Join our webinar series for engaging and thought-provoking discussions about the

future of higher education.

boost your carreer by developing competencies

Our webinar series covers:

01 - The Future of Higher Education, Post COVID-19​.
02 - Mastering the Psychology of Distance Learning.
03 - Digital Education, Online Assessments, and the New Role of Educators in the 21st Century.
04 - Youth Leadership and Activist Education.

Possible topics later in this series:
✅ Innovative teaching methods in the 21st century.
✅ How to future-proof your career with interpersonal skills?
✅ Rethinking the business model for higher education institutions.

Next Webinar:

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Meet the Host

Media and Press - In Conversation with Craig Johnson, Co-Founder of GiLE

Craig V. Johnson

Co-Founder, GiLE Foundation

Mr. Johnson is a generalist with a passion for education and youth empowerment. He has an interdisciplinary background, having started his career as a chartered accountant in South Africa before moving on to complete two master’s degrees in international relations and applied ethics for professionals, respectively. Mr. Johnson also completed a postgraduate diploma in international security.

Having accumulated a wide range of (international) experience in the public and private sector, Mr Johnson aims to use his expertise and energy to help empower young people. He is determined to raise awareness on the importance of developing specific key competencies among the youth, and to help foster a greater degree of cross-sector collaboration when it comes to youth initiatives, in Hungary and abroad.

Previous Webinars:

📅 Date: 25th of May, 2020

01 - The Future of Higher Education, Post COVID-19​

Meet the team: A picture of András Szöllősi-Nagy.

Dr. András Szöllősi-Nagy

Professor at National University of Public Service (Hungary). Former Rector at UNESCO-IHE. Member of GiLE’s Board of Trustees.

Sophia Mavridi - Webinar by Global Institute for Lifelong Empowerment (GiLE)

Sophia Mavridi

Digital Learning Specialist at De Montfort University (UK). Lecturer, teacher trainer and researcher.

Editorial Board Member for the GiLE Journal.

Lon Appleby - Webinar by Global Institute for Lifelong Empowerment (GiLE)

Lon Appleby

Professor at the School of Interdisciplinary Studies at Durham College in Oshawa (Canada).

Founder of The Global Class.


This webinar discusses:


✅ Expected changes in higher education, post COVID-19;

✅ Difference between emergency remote teaching & online learning;

✅ How to manage digital distractions in the classroom & elsewhere;

✅ What it means to be a human in the 21st century.

📅 Date: 11th of June, 2020

02 - Mastering the Psychology of Distance Learning

Dr. János Kollár

Clinical psychologist and Head of Counselling Service (international students) at Semmelweis University (Hungary). Founder of KOLLAR Training.

Emma-Sue Prince

Founder of Unimenta (UK). Trainer, author and employability consultant. Author of “7 Skills for the Future“.

Kispál Gergely - Webinar by Global Institute for Lifelong Empowerment (GiLE)

Kispál Gergely

Psychologist and Counselor at Corvinus University (Hungary). Practitioner at Thyris Psychotherapy Centre.


This webinar discusses:


✅ How to manage  psychological challenges with distance learning;

✅ Learning strategies and techniques that you can use to achieve a rich distance

learning experience;

✅ Practical steps you can take to be more adaptable and proactive when it comes

to distance learning; and

✅ How to boost your resilience skills and manage stress.

📅 Date: 2nd of July, 2020

03 - Digital Education, Online Assessments, and the New Role of Educators in the 21st Century

Russell Stannard

Educational Director and Associate Trainer (NILE – UK). Founder of Teacher Training Videos.

Dr. Andrea Tick

Professor at Óbuda University (Hungary) and Editorial Board Member for the GiLE Journal.

Janos_Fustos (4)

Dr. János T. Füstös

Professor at Metropolitan State University of Denver (United States) and Advisor for the GiLE Journal.


This webinar discusses:


✅ What are the latest trends in e-Learning and digital learning?

✅ What is the best way to grade/assess students during distant learning?

✅ Effective strategies to prevent students from copying online; and

✅ What are the behavioural changes that traditional educators and students have to make, in order to thrive in the 21st century.

📅 Date: 14th of July, 2020

04 - Youth Leadership and Activist Education

Jason Sparks

United Nation’s Youth Delegate for Hungary

Participant at the 2018 IFMSA General Assembly


Karabo Mokgonyana

African Union Youth Peace Ambassador

Youth Advisory Panelist for UNFPA


Rex Wang

President: Europe-China Youth Leaders Forum Foundation

Chairman of Gellert Institute of Global Affairs


This webinar discusses:


✅ The experiences and challenges that influential youth leaders are facing as a result of the pandemic;

✅ The importance of (youth) activism as a non-formal means of educating (young) people about global challenges like ecological and social justice;

✅ What does it take to be a successful youth leader in the 21st century?; and

✅ As future leaders and supporters of youth movements, what are their post lockdown plans to mobilise and connect with young people.