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Our foundation embraces volunteers from all walks of life and across all age groups – students, educators, career professionals and even retirees who want to give back.


If you connect with our values and aims, and you want to part of our empowering initiative, then apply today to join our international community!

Curious about the Benefits?

volunteer opportunities

Get a sense of purpose

Develop new skills

Have preferential access to our workshops and training sessions

Build your CV with volunteer experience

Be part of an international

Expand your network

Volunteer Opportunities: Available Roles

Article Writers

Write thought-provoking articles for our website, and/or create engaging social media content.

Proof reader

We are looking for people with strong writing skills in English to proofread our content.

Video Editors

Where are the creative video editors hiding? We need help to create engaging videos.

Graphic Designers

Are you visual and creative? We are searching for talent that can create unique graphic designs.

Translator (EN/HU)

We need assistance with translating internal documents and outgoing communications.

Event Organisers

No vacancies.

Legal advisor

We always need legal advice on the following: Civil Act, Hungarian Civil Court, GDPR or drafting contracts.


No vacancies.

Online Workshop

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    Article writerGraphic designerLegal advisorProof readerTranslatorVideo editorOther (details mentioned in my motivation letter)


    Most frequent questions and answers

    No. However, there are several non-monetary benefits that you receive in exchange for your meaningful contributions to our initiative.

    We are looking for people who are dependable and who are able to offer a regular weekly commitment for at least six months. We have a diverse and international community, so it’s important that you are open-minded and that you can communicate well in English.

    No. We are open to collaborating with volunteers across the globe, as some of our tasks can be performed remotely.

    All of our volunteers that are living in Budapest are required to meet at least once per month. However, depending on the nature of the project or event that you are involved with, you may need to meet/engage with your project team more frequently.

    It’s difficult to say because it depends on your specific role. For example, article writers are required to produce content at least once or twice per month, whereas the contributions from event organisers are dependent on the number of GiLE events there are. Put differently, your regular contributions are more task specific rather than time orientated. Many of our volunteers start off by doing one role, and then later take on additional tasks. We suggest that you follow a similar approach, as it allows you to appropriately manage your time.

    If your application is successful, then you will be required to sign a Volunteer Agreement. This arrangement is not intended to be legally binding and it does not create an employer-employee relationship. We try our best to make your volunteering experience enjoyable and rewarding. The Volunteer Agreement describes what you can expect from us and it also highlights the standards of personal and professional conduct that we expect from you.