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The GiLE Foundation offers volunteering opportunities to people from all walks of life. Our internationally diverse team shares a common passion to support young people's pursuit for a successful and meaningful life.

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GiLE Academy Projects (HOOK Mentors)

We have several project teams and various volunteering roles that you can get involved in.

Curious About the Benefits of Volunteering?

Volunteer Opportunities with the GiLE Foundation (Budapest) (1)

Get a sense of purpose

Develop new skills

Have preferential access to our workshops and training sessions

Build your CV with volunteer experience

Be part of an international

Expand your network

Volunteer Opportunities:

Video Editors

Where are the creative video editors hiding? We need help to create engaging videos.

Graphic Designers

Are you visual and creative? We are searching for talent that can create unique graphic designs.

Article Writers

Write thought-provoking articles for our website, and/or create engaging social media content.

Social Media / Marketing

We looking for people who are great at social media and communication.

Volunteer Opportunities with the GiLE Foundation (Budapest) (2)
competency development GiLE
GiLE Journal
Perhaps you are interested in joining our Editorial Team?

As our scientific journal is growing, we are expanding our team of skilled contributors to provide additional capacity for our publishing and editing processes. These roles can be fulfilled virtually (remotely) from anywhere globally.

Available volunteer roles:

Take a lead role in supporting the Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Team with coordinating the publication activities of the journal in line with the journal’s development interests, as well as maintaining general processes of the journal.


Min. requirements: a PhD student or postdoctoral researcher or professional in a research field corresponding to the central themes of the Journal (e.g., social sciences, education sciences, business and management sciences, etc.) that has a professional interest in developing academic editorial competencies, and very good communication skills and personal time management.

Support the article selection process by checking submissions, providing general support to senior editors, and coordinating the peer-review procedure for assigned manuscripts.


Min. requirements: a PhD student or postdoctoral researcher or professional in a research field corresponding to the central themes of the Journal that has a professional interest in developing editorial competencies

Proof-read and correct manuscripts and text, ensure that accepted manuscripts are readable and that the author’s intended meaning is clear.


Min. requirements: a student or professional with a high level of skill in written UK English, including spelling, grammar and punctuation. Must be able and willing to work within deadlines.

Support the editorial process by formatting, typesetting and editing the layouts of manuscripts based on templates.


Min. requirements: a student or professional that has developed competencies in graphic editing and must be interested in learning about international standards of high-quality scientific publishing. Must be able to work within deadlines.

Volunteer Application:

If you are experiencing any problems during the application process, then please contact [email protected] for assistance.

important things you should know


General Information:

No, the default situation is that all of our volunteers don’t get paid. However, the benefits of volunteering for the GiLE Foundation can include a sense of purpose, new skills, preferential access to workshops and training sessions, a better CV that features volunteer experience, membership of an international community, and an expanded network.

We are looking for people who are dependable and who are able to consistently offer a regular, weekly commitment for at least six months. We have a diverse and international community, so it’s also important that you are open-minded and that you can communicate well in English.

Not necessarily. We are open to collaborating with volunteers across the globe, as some of our tasks can be performed remotely.

Those volunteers who are living in Budapest are generally required to meet at least once per month. However, depending on the nature of the project or volunteering activity that you are involved with, you may need to meet and engage with your project team more frequently.

It’s difficult to say because it depends on your specific volunteering role. For example, article writers are required to produce content at least once or twice per month, whereas the contributions from event organising are dependent on the number of GiLE events there planned in advance. Put differently, your regular contributions are more task-specific rather than time orientated. Many of our volunteers start off by doing one role, and then later take on additional tasks. We suggest that you follow a similar approach, as it allows you to appropriately manage your time.

If your application is successful, then you will be required to sign a legal agreement with the GiLE Foundation in order to comply with the national regulations. We try our best to make everyone’s volunteering experience enjoyable and rewarding. The agreement describes what you can expect from us and it also highlights the minimum standards of professional conduct that we expect from you.

GiLE Journal of Skills Development (GJSD):

The GiLE Foundation is the owner and publisher of the GiLE Journal of Skills Development (GJSD).

The GJSD was established in 2020 to publish research papers on soft skills development for the Digital Age (eISSN 2732-3781).

In addition to the above-mentioned benefits of volunteering with the GiLE Foundation, the GJSD also provides the following opportunities for the Editorial Team members:

> Participation in any academic conferences or scientific meetings organized by the GiLE Foundation, free of charge;

> Letters of involvement/recommendation in your pursuit of professional accomplishment, i.e. work positions, grants, credits, etc.;

> Unique opportunities to be involved in GiLE events, e.g. workshops, conferences; and

> Affiliated promotion on the GJSD website, GiLE website, and Facebook page.

This will depend on your specific role. Generally, you are not expected to contribute more than 4 hours per week in your role. Regular contributions are more task specific rather than time orientated.

The GJSD has a comprehensive on-boarding process to explain our internal processes and how each role fits within it. Each GiLE member is equipped with knowledge and tools to comfortably undertake their role, and you will be able to easily connect with other members for support and information. For certain roles, we encourage further skills development that contribute to the professionalism of the journal.

Each role has a minimum requirement due to the skills needed to undertake the responsibilities that will contribute to the success of the GJSD. Within this, GJSD is excited to receive applications from a wide variety of students or professionals that is interested in getting involved with scientific publishing.

Absolutely. When you join the journal, we will determine your development interests and discuss how it can be achieved by your involvement with the journal.