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Series: ParadigmShift

This is a podcast on the future of education. It takes listeners on a journey of conversations that focus on education systems and individuals that are involved in committed journey’s to bring about change in it.


Our first series is called “ParadigmShift“. It  uncovers the different approaches to education, through a deeper understanding of education at large. This series reveals thought-provoking insights on topics related to education, whilst expanding our listeners’ minds and perspectives in how we can improve the world around us, through learning.

Episode 1 - Eddy van Hemelrijck

In this episode, we discuss the current state of affairs in education, how COVID-19 will impact it, the problems with universities competing with each other, whether or not degrees will become obsolete in the future, and so much more.

Published: 20 April 2020

Podcast on the Future of Education - Eddy van Hemelrejck (1)

Who is Eddy?

After an international business career in sales and management for medium and large sized corporations, Eddy moved into education, training and consulting, mainly in sustainability, personal development and intercultural management. Eddy is CEO of MAROR NV, Lecturer at Karel de Grote University of Applied Sciences and Arts, and Co-founder of Emagine Life, a meeting place in Antwerp to help create a better future for all. He has a heart for people and nature.

Episode 2 - Lon Appleby

In episode two of this podcast series, we speak to Lon Appleby about the human experience and its significance on education. Lon shares his personal approach to educating students, something that is firmly anchored in his philosophy of the human experience. We discuss the importance of understanding learning, innovation and progress through this lens. One of the many outcomes from Lon’s approach is that it allows us to bring our own life experiences and realities into the classroom.

Published: 20 June 2020

Lon Appleby - ParadigmShift Podcast - GiLE

Who is Lon?

Lon Appleby is a general education professor at Durham College in Oshawa Canada. He created the The Global Class, an online educating platform where students from different parts of the world attend different courses in a virtual classroom. When he is not teaching, he is an author, a print and broadcast journalist, and a documentary producer.

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