Global Institute for Lifelong Empowerment (GiLE) is a foundation that’s based in Budapest (Hungary). We focus on skills development and helping young people make a smoother transition into the labour market. Our initiative was launched in 2019 at the World Science Forum.



” To nurture wisdom and maintain relevance in the Digital Age.”

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to help young people make a smoother transition into the labour market.

We offer young people meaningful opportunities to boost their employability. When it comes to skills development, our research reveals several areas that require urgent attention if young people are to successfully launch their careers. Through informal and non-formal education, we focus on (1) character building, (2) career planning and (3) interpersonal skills.

to offer free publication opportunities in our (open access) GiLE Journal

Our GiLE Journal of Skills Development aims to publish scientific research papers on soft skills development. We aim to establish collaborative relationships with research institutions, universities, corporations and governmental agencies. Our organisation has an editorial board, editorial team, advisors, reviewers and proof-readers, that collectively possess a high-level of expertise and experience in academia and skills development.

to Promote and develop skills in science communication

We develop students' communication and presentation skills, so that they can better disseminate their research findings. There is a need for greater public engagement between academia and broader society. And the ability to explain volumes of complex information in a simple, brief and memorable way is an important transversal skill.

to help accelerate the advancement of higher education

It's a fact, more needs to be done to accelerate the advancement of education. We try to inspire all stakeholders within the education system to do more on the ground to ensure that learning environments remain fit-for-purpose for the 21st century workplace.

Our Strategic Partner:

Business Coach Ltd. is a market-leading Hungarian business coaching and skills development company. Their coaches are highly skilled and experienced professionals with significant business knowledge. Their team includes former executives of multinational companies as well as owners of independent businesses, and most of them are accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the world’s largest coaching organization.

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Watch this aftermovie highlight video to understand more about our mission and the future of education. It covers GiLE’s participation at World Science Forum 2019, and it features interviews with important stakeholders.

We are looking for partners, collaborators and trainers that can work with us to accelerate the advancement of education and empower young people. Please contact us if you are interested, or if you can recommend someone.


Our core

Articles on the Future of Education​

Knowledge Sharing​

Academic institutions should not operate in silos. Instead, knowledge should be shared more broadly and more effectively.

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Critical Thinking​

Our education systems need to teach less content and more critical thinking. It is important to nurture a way of thinking that is clear, independent and systematic.

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Lifelong Empowerment​

We provide meaningful opportunities for students to develop up-to-date transversal skills that will be crucial for their future workplace.

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Connecting People​

We aim to be an interactive hub that connects the right people with each other, in order to unlock potential and create synergies.

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GJSD Call for Papers is now open until 30 November.

The newly established GiLE Journal of Skills Development (GJSD) invites authors
to submit research articles for its first issue.