Global Institute for Lifelong Empowerment (GiLE) is a registered foundation in Hungary. It was launched in 2019 at the World Science Forum in Budapest.


” To nurture wisdom and maintain relevance in the Digital Age.”

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to develop interpersonal skills

We organise workshops and training sessions in Budapest for students and future leaders. Our intervention is aimed at future-proofing their careers, improving their employability and developing their self-awareness.

to Promote science communication

Our objective is to popularise conference formats and activities that make the dissemination of research findings more engaging and more memorable for students.

to Inspire more action

It's a fact, more needs to be done to accelerate the advancement of education. We try to inspire all stakeholders to do more on the ground to ensure that learning environments remain fit-for-purpose in a Digital Age.

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Watch this aftermovie highlight video to understand more about our mission and the future of education. It covers GiLE’s participation at World Science Forum 2019, and it features interviews with important stakeholders.

We are looking for partners, collaborators and trainers that can work with us to accelerate the advancement of education and empower young people. Please contact us if you are interested, or if you can recommend someone.


Our core

Articles on the Future of Education​

Knowledge Sharing​

Academic institutions should not operate in silos. Instead, knowledge should be shared more broadly.​

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Critical Thinking​

Our education systems need to teach less content and more critical thinking and interpersonal skills.

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Lifelong Empowerment​

We provide meaningful opportunities for youth people to develop relevant skills for their future workplace.

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Connecting People​

We aim to connect the right people with each other so that we can unlock potential and synergies.

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