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News and Press - Partnership Agreement with Pact4Youth Hungary

Strategic Partnership with Pact4Youth Hungary

GiLE Foundation signed a Cooperation Agreement with Pact4Youth Hungary on the 7th of December 2020. We’ve joined forces to improve opportunities for young people in order to help make more quality internships and traineeships available to as many young people as possible in Hungary, among other things.

In this article, Times International interviews Craig V. Johnson, Co-Founder of GiLE. They discuss the future of higher education, post COVID-19, GiLE’s recently launched webinar series, the need for more interpersonal skills training, and much more.

The World Science Forum published an article on their website about GiLE’s participation at their event. GiLE’s audience during the session represented over 50 students, mainly PhD and masters, from over 25 countries and 11 universities.

GiLE hosted an official event at the 20th World Science Forum in 2019, titled: “Responsible Education: A Call for Action“. The session entailed a series of insightful talks and presentations by various keynote speakers from academia and industry.