Our Mission & Aims

“Our mission is to support young people’s pursuit of a successful and meaningful life by developing their competencies and through research and advocacy.”

The Global Institute for Lifelong Empowerment (GiLE) is a foundation based in Budapest, Hungary. It was launched in 2019 at the World Science Forum.

Our Mission and Aims (GiLE Foundation)
GiLE Academy Projects (HOOK Mentors)

The GiLE Foundation was co-created by
Dr. Beke Judit and Mr. Craig V. Johnson.

Strategic Youth Partners:

Supporting Partners:

Sowing the seeds for tomorrow…

Our Journey
started in 2019

We announced our initiative to the world when we hosted an official event at the 20th World Science Forum on the 19th of November, 2019. Our launch included a half-day session, titled: “Responsible Education: A Call for Action.”

In a nutshell...

The GiLE Foundation Has 3 Pillars

GiLE Academy

  • Developing key skills and competencies for young people
  • Offering free (demo) workshops
  • Offering subsidised short courses

GiLE Advocacy

  • Facilitating the Changemakers Youth Forum #CYF in Budapest
  • Raising awareness about key competencies that young people need
  • Organising the GiLE for Youth International Conference

GiLE Journal

  • Offering free publication opportunities on soft skills development
  • Supporting young researchers
  • Establishing research collaborations


We primarily focus on the following SDG's

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Our detailed aims:

1. GiLE Academy:
# To provide workshops, group coaching, training sessions and short courses to young people to help address their personal skills gap and to support their pursuit of a successful and meaningful life.

Learning environments are not always fit-for-purpose for the 21st century, and there is a definitely a need to develop key competencies and skills among young people. Our foundation has unpacked the research on the global skills crisis, and we've also conducted our own primary research to identify the personal skills gaps of young people. As a result, we've identified at least three areas that require greater attention today - the 3 C's:

Our GiLE Academy provides young people with opportunities to develop themselves, outside of the regular classroom and through non-formal education. Our programmes seek to increase their chances of success and help them find meaning in what they do. There are far too many young people who struggle to navigate through life, or who struggle to launch their career, because they don’t graduate with the necessary life strategies, or with the necessary competencies that their potential employers are looking for.

2. GiLE Journal:
# To offer free publication opportunities in our open access journal.

Our GiLE Journal of Skills Development (GJSD) publishes research papers on soft skills development for the Digital Age. It aims to establish collaborative relationships with research institutions, universities, corporations and governmental agencies.

The GJSD team has a high-level of expertise and experience in academia and skills development. GJSD encourages authors to use science communication to effectively disseminate their research findings in a manner that is creative, engaging and memorable!

3. GiLE Advocacy:
# To advocate for the development of key competencies among young people and to help strengthen the degree of solidarity, collaboration and synergy among stakeholders in education and youth-focused organisations in Hungary and abroad.

With greater awareness, young people can identify their personal skills gap and thus make more informed decisions, today, which could then ultimately lead them to live a more successful and more meaningful life in the future.

Our foundation is engaging with the youth and (local) youth organisations and we trying to promote a greater level of cross-sector collaboration. We seek to raise awareness on the challenges that young people face so that we can be collectively solve them more efficiently and more effectively.

To achieve this, we organise conferences and youth forums, we create and share relevant and meaningful content online and on social media. We also prepare consolidated reports on youth initiatives in Hungary to detail the challenges that youth organisations typically encounter.

Our Social Responsibility Partner:

Business Coach Ltd. is a market-leading Hungarian business coaching and skills development company. Their coaches are highly skilled and experienced professionals with significant business knowledge. Their team includes former executives of multinational companies as well as owners of independent businesses, and most of them are accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the world’s largest coaching organization.

In closing...

Our foundation is always searching for new social responsibility partners, collaborators and trainers who sympathise with our mission, and who are open to working with us to help accelerate the advancement of the education system and to help us empower as many young people as possible.

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