Meet the team: Zoltán Várallyay, PhD

Dr Várallyay prepared his PhD from nonlinear fiber optics and nonlinear wave propagation at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in 2007. He is currently a Research Physicist and Branch Manager in optical fiber design at the Hungarian subsidiary of the Japanese Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd since 2000 dealing with fiber optics, telecommunication systems and Laser Science. Simultaneously, he has been an Advisor at the Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) research facility in Szeged, Hungary since 2014 and participated in the whole implementation phase of ELI that is one of the most prestigious research centres in Hungary. Dr. Várallyay is an author of more than 70 research papers and several patents. He has mentored many trainees, MSc students and PhD students in Science. His wish to make the life of people better through Science and Art is a lifelong motivation to carry on high quality research and he thinks that improving the Education in order to fit into our modern age is a must to reach this goal.

Meet the team: A picture of Zoltán Várallyay.