Meet the team: Yuliya Shtaltovna

Dr. Yuliya Shtaltovna is a lifelong learner and teacher with over 14 years of experience in Higher Education, Linguistics and Communication Skills. She currently serves three Berlin Applied Science Universities (ISM, XU and Fresenius) as a Freelance Lecturer of Professional English, Business Communication, Academic Writing and Scientific Methods courses. Over 11 years of teaching at Universities in Ukraine (PSACEA, BGKU), she rose to the level of associate professor, thesis supervisor and Deputy Chair of Scientific Management and was closely involved in research, methodology, curriculum and syllabus design. She also organised conferences and university events and contributed to the internationalisation of higher education. She is now a Board member for ELTABB (English Language Teachers Association Berlin-Brandenburg) and she provides media support for Global Change Days. Dr. Shtaltovna is the author of several research papers on the Democratisation of Education and of the English Language. With a focus on Intercultural Communication and Corporate Learning and Development, she is also a dedicated Academic/Business English Communication and Soft Skills coach for exam candidates, IT-companies and HR-specialists.

Yuliya Shtaltovna GiLE Journal on Skills Development (Global Institute for Lifelong Empowerment).