Meet the team: Norbert Griszbacher

Norbert graduated in International Business Economics from Budapest Business School in 2019, obtained a Master’s degree in Marketing Communication in 2021 at Corvinus University of Budapest.


In recent years he has conducted several investigations in the field of neuromarketing (e.g. Disney: the power of nostalgia in marketing – EMAC; The role of volunteers as frontline-employees in creating unique experiences – Budapest Management Review). After a memorable school year spent in Frankfurt, he returned home with something of a compelling urge to give something back to the community after all the “gifts” he received at Germany. Consequently, today besides supporting GILE he also volunteers at the Stipendium Hungaricum Mentor Network and the UEFA EURO 2020(1).


In the future, he expects to continue to follow his childhood dream to “make a difference” in the world.


As Gary Lew once put it:


This is your world – shape it, or someone else will.”

Griszbacher Norbert article writer at GiLE Foundation

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