Meet the team: Candy Fresacher

Dr. Candy Fresacher, an American, has been teaching at various vocational colleges in Vienna for the past 25 years.  In 2006 she received her Ph.D. in American Studies from the University of Vienna. 


In the past fifteen years she has become involved in teacher training as part of her position on the board and as Chair of TEA (Teachers of English in Austria).  She has also edited their ELT News and published a number of articles including, for example, in the online site Humanizing Language Teaching. She has written a chapter for the book Positive Psychology in SLA which came out in 2016 as well as a chapter in Creativity in ELT.


In 2015 she received the Pannonia Award from the University of Pannonia in Hungary. Although retired she still conducts seminars for the professional development of English teachers including the topics of Emotional Intelligence and Positivity.  While owner of her small company she also held seminars on Emotional Intelligence in the business world.

Meet the team: Candy Fresacher Reviewer at GJSD GiLE