Kick-Start Your Career, with GiLE

Our foundation would like to help students and recent graduates to kick-start their career and make a smoother transition into the labour market.


We have identified three important areas that young people need to focus on if they want to stand out in a competitive job market! They are (1) character building, (2) career management skills, and (3) interpersonal skills.


Apply to attend a virtual session with leading experts and trainers. If you meet the requirements, then you can apply to participate in a free session.


Spots are limited, so spend time on your application.


application period is over.

Deadline was: 29 October 2020, 23h59 (CEST)

Global Class (2)


You need to meet all these requirements to be eligible to apply:

You are a student or recent graduate living in Hungary

You are at the start of your career

You are 30 years old or younger

You have a good level of English

Which virtual session Are you interested in?

Character Building

Topic: "How to Avoid Self-Sabotage"


Ingrid Balogh

Leadership Coach (CPCC, PCC)
and Founder, the flowhouse

3 November 2020 (Tuesday), 18:15 – 19:15 (CEST)

During this one-hour introductory session, you can:


> Discover the ways that we typically sabotage ourselves, and learn to recognise them in yourself;


> Understand the beliefs, patterns and mindsets that typically result in behaviours that lead us closer to fulfilling our potential, or which hold us back; and


> Appreciate how having an awareness of our patterns is the first and most important step towards change.

Career Management

Topic: "Personal Branding & Networking Skills"


Anikó Uj

Executive Coach (ACC),
Business Coach Ltd.

4 November 2020 (Wednesday), 16:00 to 17:00 (CEST)

During this one-hour introductory session, you can:


> Understand what personal branding is and what it means to actually inhabit your own brand;


> Identify opportunities that can increase the visibility of your personal brand;


> Create your own networking strategy to advance your professional career;


Develop confidence and manage your anxiety related to social and business encounters; and


> Learn and apply small talk techniques to help you build professional relationships.

Topic: "Interview Skills & Techniques"


Anita Kulcu-Gusztafik

Anita Kulcu-Gusztafik

Business, Team and Group Coach,
Business Coach Ltd.

4 November 2020 (Wednesday), 17:15 – 18:15 (CEST)

You may find this one-hour introductory session useful if:


> You are about to enter the job market: This workshop can help you discover your valuable skills and unique selling points.


> You get extremely nervous before interviews: Practicing in interview situations can help you feel more comfortable and prepared.


> You’ve got an interview lined up for your dream job: Want to feel extra-confident during your interview for your dream position? You may need targeted practice to gain an edge. 

Interpersonal Skills

Topic: "Intercultural Communication"


Prerna Sujan

Executive Coach (PCC),
Business Coach Ltd.

5 November 2020 (Thursday), 17:00 to 18:00 (CEST)

During this one-hour introductory session, you can:


> Further develop intercultural sensitivity and awareness;


> Identify and describe the various aspects of culture which affect a person’s worldview, values and behaviour;


> Understand how communication processes differ among various cultures;


> Learn how to analyse and resolve problems from different cultural perspectives; and


> Understand and analyse the formation of stereotypes and the manifestations of prejudice and discrimination.

Topic: "How to Manage Digital Distractions "


Sophia Mavridi

Digital Learning Specialist,
De Montfort University (U.K.)

5 November 2020 (Thursday), 18:15 – 19:15 (CEST)

During this one-hour introductory session, you can:


> Understand how technology is geared to challenge our concentration;


> Understand how digital distractions affect our brain and performance;


> Learn how to apply intentional focusing in an ever-distracting digital world;


> Increase your productivity in the workplace by learning how to manage the constant barrage of digital interruptions; and


> Improve your digital wellbeing and interpersonal skills by learning how and when to ‘unplug’.

Kick-Start Your Career!

We are no longer accepting applications.


Most frequent questions and answers

Unfortunately, you cannot apply to attend all the virtual sessions. You need to select which days/sessions are your first and second choice.

In order to make the virtual sessions more meaningful and engaging, the spots are limited to 20 to 25 students/graduates for each virtual session (i.e. 60 to 75 total). Our Selection Committee will notify all applicants about the results soon after the application period ends.

If you have graduated from university or college within the last two years, then you are considered to be a recent graduate.

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