The GiLE Foundation annually hosts an international scientific conference to promote research and the ongoing dialogue relating to employability, human skills, and lifelong learning.

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GiLE4Youth International Conference '21


Conference Aims

Last year, the GiLE Foundation hosted this international scientific conference online. Our aim is to continue helping young people, particularly young and early career researchers (MA/PhD) in the following ways:

Benefits of Attending

For a minimal investment, this event offers many benefits:

Interesting Presentations

Gain knowledge from interesting and thought-provoking presentations about young people and their skills development.

Affordable Price

The participation fee is only 20.000 Ft (50 EUR) for presenters and supporting companies, and 10.000 Ft (30 EUR) for Attendees. Students may get a refund.

Free publication opportunity

Presenters may contribute to the conference proceedings; the best papers may also be published in GiLE’s open-access journal, GJSD.

Roundtable discussions

Panellists from both academia and industry will discuss how young people can be helped to meet today’s challenges.

Networking opportunities

The benefits may last well beyond the event itself. Our event is an opportunity to learn and develop as a professional, and to widen your network.

Brand Exposure (support students)

Corporate participants may give presentations, contribute as panellists and make a social impact.


Speakers, Panellists & Trainers

Are you curious to know who the speakers were

at our GiLE4Youth Scientific Conference ’22?

Focus Areas

We encourage submissions within the following disciplines and fields.

Unlisted but related sub-topics are also acceptable.

Character Building

> Growth Mindset 

> Time and Self-Management

> Lifelong Learning and Building

> Personal Development

> Resilience and Perseverance

> Multiple Intelligence

– Character building can enable individuals to achieve more in life, in every respect!

– The benefits can be felt at work, in academic performance, and in better relationships.

– Stronger characters make better leaders, too.

– It takes us out of our comfort zones and forces us to find new resources within ourselves.

Career Planning

> Employability readiness

> CV and Job Interview 

> Goal-Setting and Prioritizing

> Strategic Career Building

> Learning and Development

> Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

– The career planning process is ongoing and sequential throughout one’s life. 

– It is advantageous to know enough about your unique attributes and values.

– It is realistic to identify occupations where you have a chance for success and happiness. 

– If you are targeting an industry, you need to know something about how it works.

Communication Skills

> Corporate Communication

> Virtual Team Communication

> Intercultural Communication

> Media Literacy vs. Fake News

> Research Promotion 

> Coaching and Giving Feedback

– Today’s flatter organisations need better communicators.

– Teamwork and consensus-building require co-operation skills.

– Working globally requires intercultural awareness.

– Today’s technology is driving all of us towards new ways of communicating.

– Better communication generally leads to better outcomes

Meet Our Patron

The GiLE4Youth Scientific Conference

is under the patronage of the Hungarian

National Commission of UNESCO.

UNESCO patronage of the GiLE4Youth conference

Partners & Supporters


Discover what some of our speakers and attendees had to say

about their experiences at our G4Y Scientific Conference ’22:

Discover what some of our speakers and attendees had to say about their experiences at our G4Y Scientific Conference ’22:

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