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Our GiLE Academy was established as a direct response to the global skills crisis. When it comes to the development of key competencies, including skills development, our research identifies three focus areas that require far greater attention among the youth. They are (1) character building, (2) career planning and (3) communication skills – the 3 C’s!


Our intervention aims to support young people’s pursuit of a successful and meaningful life. We achieve this by regularly organising (free) programmes and offering short courses to help them address their personal skills gap.

GiLE Academy - Global Institite for Lifelong Empowerment (GiLE)

Our GiLE Academy focuses on the

Character Building

> Growth Mindset

> Situational Leadership

> Stress & Anxiety Management

> Emotional Intelligence & Empathy

> Managing Ethical Dilemmas

> Resilience

> Avoiding Self-Sabotage

People with desirable character traits achieve greater success in life. This includes career success, entrepreneurial success and better academic performance. These individuals are generally happier, more optimistic, manage stress and anxiety well, and make better leaders!


You can read more about desirable character traits and the importance of character education here.

Career Planning

> Career Planning & Management

> Networking Skills

> Personal Branding 

> Interview Techniques & CV Writing

> Managing Digital Distractions

> Essential Meeting Skills

> Managing Information Overload

Too many young people are struggling to launch their careers because they don’t graduate with the necessary life strategies, or with all the necessary skills that their potential employers are looking for.


The competition for jobs will be tougher in the coming years and young people need guidance and support to better plan their careers. It will help them to successfully overcome a global skills crisis, a global health crisis and a looming youth unemployment crisis.

Communication Skills

> Communicating with Confidence & Clarity

> Science Communication

> Non-Verbal Communication

> Group Communication (Incl. Negotiation Skills & Conflict Management)

> Intercultural Communication

Research provides compelling evidence that the future workplace will require more interpersonal skills – which includes communication skills. This is largely a consequence of technological disruptions and the increasing shift away from only focussing on “hard” technical skills.


There needs to be a greater focus on developing human-centric skills, such as interpersonal skills. They support young people’s ability to thrive in an environment that’s dominated by artificial intelligence, robots and automation.


You can read more about the importance of interpersonal skills here.

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Find your skills gap.

Boost your employability.

Live a more fulfilling life.

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Our upcoming demo sessions cover the following topics:

Topic: Innovation & Creativity

Date/Time: 25 February 2021, 5pm to 6pm (CET).

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Topic: The Supportive Power of Fears

Date/Time: 4 March 2021, 5pm to 6pm (CET).

During this uncertain period, many of us experience an increased sense of fear and frustration. Our thoughts and feelings can take us to a place where we see ourselves as victims of the present situation. This condition affects our actions and reactions.


During this program, participants can learn the cause of sudden reactions that are often followed by the feeling of regret, and they can discover opportunities and tools to understand the supportive power of fears.


Focus points of the interactive session:

> What is fear?

> Fears in general and in work/career.

> Examples and best practices.


Coach/Trainer: Anita Kulcu-Gusztafik (Business Coach Kft.)

Registration form:

Topic: Effective Decision Making

Date/Time: 18 March 2021, 5pm to 6pm (CET).

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