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Find your purpose.

Find your skills gap.

Pursue a life with meaning!


The GiLE Academy was established as a direct response to the global skills crisis. Our intervention is targeted at students and recent graduates and it aims to help address their personal skills gap.


We support young people’s pursuit of a successful and meaningful life by focusing our efforts on developing key competencies – the 3 C’s:

We provide (a) free workshops, group coaching and training sessions, and we also offer (b) paid short courses that are affordable, high quality and flexible enough to accommodate the budgets and schedules of students and recent graduates. 

GiLE Academy - Global Institite for Lifelong Empowerment (GiLE)

Why Connect With Us?

We have plenty of reasons why young people should choose to develop themselves with our foundation.



Our international team of experienced trainers and executive coaches deliver high-quality sessions that incorporate the latest and best practices.



GiLE Foundation is operating as a non-profit organisation. We provide free sessions and our paid courses are relatively more affordable and more accessible to young people.



Our course schedule is designed to accommodate students’ study and work schedules. This helps them to build towards a career while earning and avoiding debt.

The GiLE Academy focuses on the 3 C's:

Character Building

> Growth Mindset

> Stress & Anxiety Management

> Emotional Intelligence & Empathy

> Situational Leadership

> Avoiding Self-Sabotage

> Managing Ethical Dilemmas

> Resilience

People with desirable character traits achieve greater success in life. Period.


People with desirable character traits are generally happier, more optimistic, better at managing stress and anxiety, and they make better leaders!


However, education doesn’t always involve character education, especially at a university level.


You can read more about desirable character traits and the importance of character education here.

Career Planning

> Career Planning & Management

> Networking Skills

> Personal Branding 

> Interview Techniques & CV Writing

> Finding Your Life Purpose

> Managing Digital Distractions

> Essential Meeting Skills

Too many young people are struggling to launch their careers because they don’t graduate with the necessary life strategies, or with all the necessary skills that their potential employers are looking for.


The competition for jobs will be tougher in the coming years and young people need guidance and support to better plan their careers. It will help them to successfully overcome a global skills crisis, a global health crisis and a looming youth unemployment crisis.

Communication Skills

> Communicating with Confidence & Clarity

> Intercultural Communication

> Science Communication

> Non-Verbal Communication

> Group Communication (Incl. Negotiation Skills & Conflict Management)

Communication is central to the human experience. It has a significant impact on how we interact with people and how our relationships develop (or deteriorate). It even has a deep impact on our learning. The ability to articulate your thoughts, emotions and opinions can lead to tremendous benefits for your private life, professional career and personal branding.


Research provides compelling evidence that the future workplace will require more interpersonal skills, which includes communication skills.


You can read more about the importance of interpersonal skills here.

Your next steps:

Find your purpose.

Find your skills gap.

Pursue a life with meaning!

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