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The GiLE Foundation’s projects are designed to support young people’s pursuit of a successful and meaningful life. Our current projects are:


The Changemakers Youth Forum #CYF

The Changemakers Youth Forum #CYF is an international platform that actively promotes youth engagement, youth participation and youth leadership.


The GiLE Foundation is facilitating the co-creation of this annual flagship event that’s essentially shaped by a bottom-up approach.


The co-creators of the #CYF are Pact4Youth Hungary, V4SDG, Erasmus Student Network Hungary, and the International Diplomatic Student Association. The strategic youth partners are AIESEC Hungary and Simonyi Károly Szakkollégium.

For more information, visit the #CYF website here.

Find your purpose Find your skills gap Pursue a life with meaning!


Boosting the employability
of university students

Business Coach Kft. kindly provides our foundation with access to their training facilities in Budapest during the summer period, and they also dedicate pro bono hours from their executive coaches. This allows us to provide a limited number of free (demo) workshops, group coaching and training sessions to university students and young professionals. Our collaboration aims to support their personal development, boost their employability, and help them to better plan and navigate their career.

In partnership with:

Business Coach Ltd. is a market-leading Hungarian business coaching and skills development company. Their coaches are highly skilled and experienced professionals with significant business knowledge. Their team includes former executives of multinational companies as well as owners of independent businesses.


Offering short, subsidised courses to address students' personal skills gap

Our foundation is proud to offer short, subsidised courses that are affordable, high-quality and in-depth.


For a minimal fee, young people can develop key competencies and techniques that are typically not taught at university or college.

Available short courses:

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