Character Building 2-Day Course

Our short course on character building supports young people’s pursuit of a successful and meaningful life.

Education should never only be
about getting a job!

Good education must include good character education and mindset building.


For a minimal fee, you can address your personal skills gap by developing desirable character traits that have long proven to be an important ingredient for achieving greater success in life. These are aspects that are not typically taught at university or college.


Our 2-day course covers the following areas:

Together with our social responsibility partners, we offer high quality courses that are more affordable and more accessible to young people. All of our sessions are delivered by qualified expert trainers and/or executive coaches.

For any information about this course that is not already mentioned on this website, please contact [email protected] for assistance.

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All of our summer courses are over. However, if you register your interest in this course, then we can immediately inform you about the details for the next one when the arrangements are finalised.


Value for

Character Building Course

  • Enhance your ability to pursue a successful and meaningful life
  • Receive 12 contact hours to develop key competencies and skills
  • Have access to the same professional trainers and coaches afterwards
  • Receive a Certificate of Participation
  • Receive a 5% discount on future GiLE courses (including summer programmes)

ESN cardholders get a 10% discount!

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Meet the

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Bea Bincze with GiLE Foundation (Hungary)

Bea Bincze, PCC

Executive Coach (Business Coach Kft.)

Dr. János Kollár

Clinical psychologist and Associate Professor

Bea Bincze is a business coach, mentor and trainer. She has significant experience as a C-level executive of multinational companies in the production and service sector. Later she lead change management projects and talent programmes. As a committed mentor she is the head of our mentor program. As trainer and business coach, her expertise lies in leadership development, communication and presentation coaching, growth mindset, change management and decision making. As team coach she works with teams on improving collaboration achieving goals. She has been a speech coach for TEDx and Forbes conferences. Bea is the Club Growth Director of Toastmasters International District 95 (Nordic Countries, Germany, Austria and Eastern-Europe), and the manager of the PWA – Professional Women’s Association’s mentor program.

Dr. János Kollár is a clinical psychologist and an associate professor. Dr. Kollár regularly provides psychological support services for university students. He is also the Founder of KOLLAR training, where he provides knowledge on alternative ways for teaching and learning. His method was accredited in 2012 in teacher training in Hungary and proved to be successful in the Netherlands, Malta and Finland.

Edit Kővári Editorial Board member at Global Institute for Lifelong Empowerment GiLE

Dr. Edit Kővári

Associate Professor and Trainer

Dr. Edit Kovari is an associate professor at the University of Pannonia Faculty of Business and Economics. Her PhD thesis which was completed at the University of Derby Business School focusing on hotel managers’ emotional intelligence and its relation to task and contextual performance within organisational culture. She also wrote several books and articles, took part in various national and international projects as a professional expert.


In 2015 she founded the Faculty’s mentor program (Pannon Pentor Program) for Hungarian and international students. Apart from being a professor she is a practising coach and trainer of emotional intelligence, communication and resilience. She also works with Hungarian settlements’ decision makers and influencers to develop liveable city environments. Edit was presentation member for European Capital of Culture (ECOC) bid for Veszprém 2023 and after winning the title she became the University of Pannonia representative of ECOC.


Apart from being a professor she is a practising coach and trainer of emotional intelligence, communication and resilience (

Topic: How to Develop Successful Character Traits


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Register Your Interest:
Character Building

Register your interest in this course so we can immediately notify you about the details for the next one when the arrangements are finalised.

important things you should know


It is recommended that participants in this course are vaccinated and that they have an immunity card. However, this is not a legal requirement in Hungary, as per the latest government decree, and participants are not obliged in this regard if they wish to participate in this course. Participants who are not vaccinated or who do not have an immunity card are also not obliged to wear a mask indoors during the sessions.


The GiLE Foundation made arrangements to deliver this course, in-person, to a group of 15 to 20 people. And we will take the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of all those in attendance.


It is also worth mentioning that the Hungarian government could introduce new COVID-19 restrictions, at any stage, which could prevent us from hosting this course in-person. This is something that is out of our control and should it happen, then we’ll immediately communicate matters accordingly to those affected.

General information:

Yes, provided that you have a good level of spoken and written English. It should also be emphasised that this 2-day course is designed for students and recent graduates.

Our foundation normally works with a maximum group of 15 to 20 people at a time (i.e. students and recent graduates). However, it is worth highlighting that, depending on the demand for the course, we may consider delivering the course concurrently but with separate groups that each have the same limitation on numbers.


Due to the nature of this course/programme, we believe that a smaller group will maximise the overall learning experience. It also allows us to provide enough personal attention to each participant. That said, spaces are generally limited for each intake and we are always searching for the more motivated individuals.

All of our courses are not state-accredited education courses in Hungary and the GiLE Foundation does not have the legal authority to issue accredited diplomas. Rather, our foundation is a registered Adult Education Service Provider in Hungary (B/2020/001454).

Not necessarily. The GiLE Foundation reserves the right to withhold issuing a participant with a “Certificate of Completion” if he or she has not participated in at least 75% of the contact hours.

Payment-related information:

Accepted applicants need to settle the full course fee in advance. The latest date to transfer the funds is one (1) week before the course is scheduled to start.

No. The full amount needs to paid online or via an electronic transfer. Accepted applicants will receive a link via email to a secure platform where they can then proceed with the online payment.

If you wish to cancel your participation in this 2-day course, after having paid the course fee, then the following charges will be incurred by you:


> Cancel within 3 weeks of course commencement: 50% of course price

> Cancel within 2 weeks of course commencement: 75% of course price

> Cancel within 1 week of course commencement: 100% of course price


However, it is important to highlight that you are entitled to a cooling off period of 24-hours in which to cancel their purchase. In this case, if our foundation incurs a fee during the transaction and you claim a refund within the 24-hour period, then we will refund your payment less the fee incurred.

No. While our courses develop key competencies and provide valuable insights to participants, we do not provide any guarantees that you will secure a job as a direct result of taking any of our courses.


Our foundation is of the view that the responsibility to find a job ultimately lies with the individual and we always encourage participants to put into practice everything they learnt from our course.