Our Career Boost Summer Programme is designed for students to help them be more successful in life and in their career.  It’s an intensive, one-day programme that will take place on 17/18 August in Budapest. It is free of charge for selected participants, and we are offering it in English and Hungarian.

Career Boost Programme - GiLE Foundation

career boost
summer programme

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future-proof your career!


17 August 2020 (English group)

18 August 2020 (Hungarian group)


Business Coach – Budapest Városligeti fasor 32.


Morning Session (10:00 to 13:00)

Afternoon Session (14:00 to 17:00)

Application deadline:

10 August 2020 (23:59 GMT+2)

* For students only, limited spots available!

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Main benefits

FREE training from executive coaches

Apply to receive free training from experienced executive coaches. A similar one-day training is generally valued at 60.000Ft + VAT per person!

certificate of participation

Upon successful completion of this intensive one-day programme, you will be eligible to receive a certificate of participation.

Boost your

Apply for an opportunity to future-proof your career, develop your self-awareness and boost your overall employability!


Career boost summer programme

Due to the ever-changing nature of COVID-related regulations in Hungary, GiLE Foundation and Business Coach reserves the right to change the programme.

Morning Session:
10:00 to 13:00

17 August 2020 (english)

18 August 2020 (Hungarian)

Growth Mindset and Leadership Skills

  • >>

    Discover how the Growth Mindset can help you be more successful in your life and in your career.

    Fedezzük fel, hogyan segíthet a fejlődési szemléletmód (Growth Mindset) abban, hogy sikeresebbek legyünk karrierünkben és mindennapjainkban

  • >>

    Understand the concept of 21st century leadership and the need to shift your thinking.

    Mik a 21. századi vezetői készségek, és miért hasznos ez az új szemléletmód?

  • >>

    Learn how to build and leverage the Growth Mindset.

    Tanuljuk meg, hogyan alakítsuk ki és alkalmazzuk a Growth Mindsetet.

  • >>

    Be able to set goals that help your long-term development.

    Hogyan tűzzünk ki olyan célokat, amelyek hosszútávon segítik fejlődésünket?

  • >>

    Learn how to switch from Fixed to Growth Mindset.

    Fedezzük fel, hogyan tudunk rögzültről fejlődési szemléletmódra váltani.

Afternoon Session:
14:00 to 17:00

17 August 2020 (english)

18 August 2020 (Hungarian)

Career Coaching with Self-help Tools and Methodologies

  • >>

    Learn coaching tools which you can use anytime.

    Tanuljunk meg bármilyen helyzetben alkalmazható coaching módszereket.

  • >>

    Learn how to use the design thinking methodology.

    Tanuljuk meg a design gondolkodást.

  • >>

    Be able to re-frame your relationship with mistakes.

    Tanuljuk meg, hogyan tudjuk átértékelni a hibázással való kapcsolatunkat.

  • >>

    Understand where you are right now and where you want to be.

    Tanuljuk meg megérteni, hogy hol tartunk most és hova szeretnénk eljutni

  • >>

    Discover your strengths and opportunities.

    Felfedezzük fel az erősségeinket és a lehetőségeinket.

meet the trainers

Bea Bincze
Executive Coach

Bea Bincze is a business coach, mentor and trainer. She has significant experience as a C-level executive of multinational companies in the production and service sector. Later she lead change management projects and talent programmes. As a committed mentor she is the head of our mentor program. As trainer and business coach, her expertise lies in leadership development, communication and presentation coaching, growth mindset, change management and decision making. As team coach she works with teams on improving collaboration achieving goals. She has been a speech coach for TEDx and Forbes conferences. Bea is the Club Growth Director of Toastmasters International District 95 (Nordic Countries, Germany, Austria and Eastern-Europe), and the manager of the PWA – Professional Women’s Association’s mentor program.

Anita Kulcu-Gusztafik coach GiLE

Anita Kulcu-Gusztafik
Business, Team and Group Coach

Anita Kulcu-Gusztafik brings a truly dynamic personality and great ideas to our team. Anita is motivated by seeing the shining eyes of the client after enlightenment and new ideas. She has gathered practical experience in both the public and private sector, working with large organisations as well as SMEs. Her experience has highlighted that the most valuable task for her is to support personal and professional development of individuals. Her goal is to create value, to increase the client’s awareness and internal motivation, to support them in establishing a conscious, efficient, happy professional and private life.

Application Period is Closed.

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“Hard skills may look great on your CV/resume, but it’s the soft skills that will maintain your relevance in Industry 4.0”

Frequently asked questions (faqs)

At the moment, there are no COVID-19 regulations that restrict us from delivering this intensive, one-day programme. However, it is worth mentioning that the Hungarian government could introduce certain restrictions at a later stage that can prevent any in-person workshop from taking place in the country. This is something that is out of our control. And should it happen, then we’ll communicate things accordingly.


A jelenlegi járványügyi helyzet lehetővé teszi, hogy megtartsuk az egy napos, intenzív programokat. Később azonban a helyzettől függően  a magyar  kormány korlátozó intézkedéseket vezethet be és nem lehet majd rendezvényeket megtartani, amely rendeletet nekünk is be kell majd tartani. Ha ez bekövetkezik, mindenkit időben tájékoztatni fogunk.

We are planning to select fifteen (15) students for each language group. Due to the nature of this programme, we believe that a smaller group will maximise the overall learning experience. It also allows us to provide personal attention to each student. That said, spaces are limited and we are searching for motivated students who are serious about their career progression.


Mind az angol, mind a magyar nyelvű csopportban 15 fő számára biztosítunk helyet, ezáltal a legjobb tanulási élményt nyújthatjuk a résztvevők számára, továbbá nagyobb figyelmet tudunk szentelni mindenkire. Ebből következően olyan diákok számára biztosítunk helyet a csoportokban, akik motiváltak és fontosnak tartják karrierjük építését.

Yes, you need to be able to present evidence that you are currently registered at university. If you have just graduated in June 2020, then you are still eligible to apply for the programme. However, if you will only begin university in the Fall, then you are not eligible to apply for this specific round.


Igen, igazolni kell a hallgatói jogviszonyt. Jelentkezhetnek azok is, akik 2020 júniusában tettek záróvizsgát, viszont akik csak 2020 szeptemberben kezdik meg felsőoktatási tanulmányaikat, azok ebben a képzésben még nem vehetnek részt.

Yes. You are required to attend both (in-person) training sessions to successfully complete our Career Boost Programme.


Igen, a Career Boost Programme sikeres teljesítésének feltétele, hogy a regisztrált résztvevők mind a délelőtti, mind pedig a délutáni foglalkozáson részt vegyenek.

Yes. Both of the executive coaches are fluent in English and Hungarian. They will deliver the exact same session with the same (translated) material.

Igen, mindkét tréner folyékonyan beszél angolul és magyarul. Az angol és magyar nyelvű  foglalkozások tartalmilag azonosak.