Sustainable Development and Skills for the Green Transition

The need to help prepare young professionals, changemakers, and social innovators for the path ahead is ever-increasing. In November of 2022, the Pact for Youth Association and the GiLE Foundation co-organised a “World Café”-style event in Budapest, Hungary, to initiate a dialogue with young people about the green, digital, and just transition and the role of Open Science. 

The event was connected to the European Year of Youth and had the support of the National Youth Council of Hungary. 

The event addressed the importance of the European Union’s funding instruments to support the Green Deal, to help Member States transition to a more sustainable economy, and to equip young people with the skills they need to succeed in the new global setting.

Image by Pact for Youth Association

Exploring Sustainability, Collaboration, and Career Development

During the event, we covered topics such as the European Year of Youth, Sustainable Development Goals, Open Science, Skills and Employability, the Sustainaware Competence Model, and Research in Plastic Biodegradation and Bioplastic Production.

The event was intended to provide an opportunity to discuss the concept of Open Science, which is a collaborative and transparent approach to research. Unfortunately, we were unable to fully explore this topic, nonetheless, the facilitator did raise awareness of the GiLE Foundation and its open-access, open-source journal that creates opportunities for young people to participate in the publication process.

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Judit Beke

Co-Creator of the GiLE Foundation

Judit Beke Co-Creator of Global Institute for Lifelong Empowerment GiLE GJSD Editor in Chief

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