Relationships in the World of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic changed our way of living fundamentally, but what happened to our relationships?


Connecting in a world turned upside down by the pandemic: The escalation in spread of the virus caused people to be cautious, which led to new norms like social distancing and wearing face masks. As a result, among other things, the fear of the virus, trust issues and the increased stress levels due to the current situation have driven a wedge between people. These unprecedented times are constantly testing the strength of our already existing bonds as well as the ability to create new links in a rapidly changing environment.


As one of the consequences of COVID-19, in both the offline and online world, meaningful relationships require more effort than ever.


Sooner or later all relationships come to point of face-to-face meetings. However, the pandemic totally rewrote the roots of these social exchanges. In the current technological era we are able to go on with our lives at home in a so-called “bubble” with the aim of reducing the time spent in public spaces to the minimum. 

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Even if it is really necessary to go outdoors we are usually in a rush, we keep enlarged personal spaces and wear clothes from head to toe in order to avoid any physical contact with any possible source of the virus.


Can we conclude that relationships are doomed due to the pandemic?


One thing is sure, we have to learn to adapt to the new circumstances in order to be able to establish and nurture fruitful relationships.


In the following section we highlighted some key areas for you:


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