Mastering the Unknown - Education in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Most colleges or universities are designed around the consumption of knowledge. The best ones teach to innovate rather than replicate information and digest it. They make students feel challenged, compel them to solve problems, and query information rather than memorize textbooks. 

But somewhere along the line, the methods of teaching are falling short of employer demands we have in our day and age. How come?


Nowadays, most graduates face a world transformed by technology, in which the Internet, cloud computing, and social media create different opportunities and challenges for formal education systems. As students consider life after graduation, universities are faced with questions about their own compatibility in terms of employment.

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Why is this more important than ever? 


Simply, because world economies are driven by the principles of supply and demand. The job market follows these fundamental rules. You need to supply a certain set of skills in order to satisfy work demands. Yet in the age of the 4th Industrial Revolution, these principles have post-hasted and things are changing faster than ever. 


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Robert Kormoczi

Founder of Times International


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