How to raise your self-esteem in 2022

New year… New resolution… How to raise your self-esteem in 2022

At the very end of each year, we commonly start reflecting on the previous year and start re-shaping our goals for the upcoming one. 


How was your 2021? Did you mess something up and would you like to fix it in 2022?

Quite often we tend to look at the bad moments we have spent in the previous year, and at this point, resolve to change in the coming year. But there’s a problem with that: ultimately, it is quite a negative way to frame our reflections.

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What if we choose instead to look on the bright side of last year’s story, and approach the upcoming year with a positive mindset?

Was there anything that improved our life in the previous year? Did we share nice experiences and moments with other people? Do we have good memories to keep in our hearts and souls? 


Low self-esteem can affect our lives and when it is at its worst, we may assume that we will fail, or we will not be able to maintain a healthy relationship. That’s what I personally felt many times in my life, so here are 8 principles you could follow in this new year to raise your self-esteem while adopting a positive mindset: 


Set your priorities:

For all of us, priorities are like waking up every day, going to school, finishing our studies, finding a job, working, taking care of our families…

Have you ever considered changing your priorities one day?

Look deep inside you and redefine yourself in particular; recalculate the importance you give to things you want depending on who you are and who you want to be. 


Set your goals:

Experiencing success can lead to us reaching our full potential and seeking to pursue a higher purpose. Success is like an iceberg: the invisible part of us lying beneath the surface or “water line”, is what matters most.

Plan your actions, accomplish your goals, let go, and move on to another task. 


Accept yourself as you are:

Labelling is a negative way of thinking; we are not stupid, we are not bad… Having healthy self-esteem means that we can feel good about ourselves even though we’re not perfect.

Don’t label yourself; instead, recognise your strengths and weaknesses. 


Transform weaknesses to strengths:

Many times, we may ask ourselves why certain people succeed; well, one key to their success is the way in which they manage their weaknesses, because they understand their unique personalities and make them work for them.

Keep faith in your abilities and never lower your aims. 


Stop comparing yourself to others:

We tend to compare ourselves to others, especially when we are around the wrong people; however, each one of us needs to take his or her own individual path to succeed, so what works for someone may not work for someone else.

Don’t compare yourself to others, you are unique! Choose wisely the people whom you believe they can, and they will walk with you along your path to success. 


Experience life and dream big, like a child:

Life is a long path that we take; when we were kids, we used to dream big, but reaching adulthood, we just start following the same routines each day to stay in our comfort zone.

Try new things instead and don’t stick to the same old paths. Listen to your own feelings, and not just the voices of tradition and authority. 


Believe in yourself:

To grow, nothing matters more than our sense of self.

Get yourself a gratitude diary; write down each day at least 3 achievements, good moments, maybe a comment someone gave you or you gave to someone and made him feel good…

Once you feel down, open that diary and see all your achievements, all the good things you’ve done during your days. You will realise how important you are to yourself and to others. 


Never give up:

When life seems rude to us and everything seems to have failed, it is a positive thing to consider every obstacle as a challenge and not to give up too soon.

Stay brave, and do not bow your head. And keep in mind: 


Be proud of yourself… Stay positive… Nothing is impossible… Love yourself… You are Unique…


Laura Alzmeter

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Laura Alzmeter GiLE

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