How to Become a Professional Data Scientist?

It is widely recognised that the world market demand for skills can change with lightning-like rapidity as the functioning of the world economy gets ever more digitised. Today, demand for skills is especially strong in the case of the profession of data scientist. Thus, in this article, we will examine what it takes to be a prospective data scientist of the 21st Century. 


So, to begin with, what do we mean by “data science”? Data science is a newly emerging scientific discipline born out of the blending of some subjects such as mathematics, statistics, economics and other computer-oriented courses.

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Why is Data Science so Important? 


To begin with, the field is multidisciplinary by nature and comes with its own specialised techniques, methods, algorithms and procedures. To date, there are only a few universities worldwide that have already started offering postgraduate data science programmes, but many institutions are nonetheless hurriedly preparing to offer courses to meet the burgeoning market demand. Besides, the rationale for offering data science as a separate field of study is to produce professionals well trained and skilful at handling, communicating, handling, analysing, interpreting and investigating relationships in big data sets so as to inform better decision making.


What makes a Good Data Scientist?


A data scientist is a professional with the ability to craft a language to silently and vehemently play with disordered data so as to discern some unknown relationship or pattern among data sets. The special quality that a data scientist needs to have at best is curiosity: a desire to explore and dive deep into an issue following his/her own scientific procedures, and thereby develop a hypothesis that can prove or refute an existing theory or model. Furthermore, to prepare oneself to be a prospective data scientist one should make a habit of thinking statistically as well as creatively, and develop an indomitable spirit.


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