How to be a part-time ambivert

The right kind of networking can take you far. As the internationally renowned entrepreneur Porter Gale once said, “Your network is your net worth”. However, the real question is how to network when doing that does not come naturally? When your socializing skills have always been a challenge to you? When you, as an individual, have always been an introvert?


Since we cannot change the way networking works, the pragmatic solution would be to develop our networking and communication skills. To put it simply, an introvert can turn into a part-time ambivert if they hold onto their original personality, yet do not allow it to be a weakness.

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If you are an introvert, this article will show you how to operate as a part-time ambivert, and thus become a better-equipped professional.

Firstly, let us acknowledge and normalize your natural traits of recharging best when alone. New people and places may well seem challenging and daunting to you, and you may also find yourself remarkably different from other people you encounter and the topics they discuss. This might seem to be the first roadblock! However, being different provides a reason for a conversation; otherwise, it would be just a lot of ‘Me too’. So, having established that your quirks are essential, let us look at the skills you already have and can build on to achieve better networking.


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Jeny Jose

Assistant Editor at GJSD

Jeny Jose Assistant Editor at GiLE Journal

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