Involved, Engaged and Constructive: Students as Change Agents Today

Go to class, take a seat, listen, do homework, take exams (and sometimes retake those exams). This is the normal academic life of a student, or it used to be. The desire for student engagement is on the increase and is a powerful demand: very often it is possible to see teenagers in action, whether they be organising strikes or participating in international conferences.


Teen activism is on the rise and is calling for the attention of society as a whole. Meanwhile, delivering student satisfaction is a key driver in determining government policy changes and as a result, educational institutions have a major responsibility when it comes to directing their students.


Conscious of this, the University of Manchester held the 2017 AUA Conference, where representatives of UK Universities discussed approaches towards improving students’ engagement. Since then, several universities in the country have adopted a programme called “Students as Change Agents”.


This article will argue that Students as Change Agents is a promising programme which involves students in delivering changes both within the academy and beyond.



What is “Students as Change Agents”?


Students as Change Agents is a new approach which perceives the students as powerful allies in making necessary changes both in the academic environment and in society at large. This method encourages students to think and be more active. In effect, it is a safe laboratory where they can create and innovate and thus be the change they demand to see.


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