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In the wake of COVID-19, the decade has begun with a very strange air to it. As we watch the virus spread from the comfort of our homes, we also see many aspects of the world order shifting. With the imposition of restrictions, most people have been forced to work from home, or become supervisors to their children’s education from home. In their turn, industry and education systems are now being forced to re-evaluate their approaches towards work and learning.


21st Century explosion


The start of the 21st century brought with it an explosion in technological advances, spearheaded by the Internet. To varying extents, people around the world have had to adapt to a new and ever-evolving normal. However, as technology continuously forces the hand of change in many areas of our lives, many other areas such as education are today still very slow to respond. Granted, it will take political will to completely overhaul long-established methods of schooling and learning. But change is still happening. More and more, we see innovators creating different avenues and possibilities for re-imagining education and the education system at large.

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Life shifts

All of a sudden, my university peers and I have seen all of our classes move online, in an extremely hasty transition that no doubt has come with its fair share of technical difficulty. However, the fact that such a transition is possible highlights how the traditional education system we know so well is being challenged, not just by a virus, but also by technology. Aged professors who only two weeks ago seemed set in their ways are now required to be online all day; now, their classrooms are becoming their desktops. Without doubt, their notions of how best to impart knowledge to students are being fundamentally challenged. In the meantime, I can only wonder what academic tenure would look like in a fully modernized university institution.

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