Travel to live – live to travel?

The art of getting from one place to another is as every bit as old as humanity. Throughout human history – from prehistoric times, when our ancestors set out on foot in search of a warmer climate and food, to today’s globalised world with all its constant innovations in terms of transport – travel, be it for business or pleasure, has often been an essential part of our everyday lives. Of course, we now know well what it feels like not to be allowed to travel. Not only did the Covid-19 restrictions and/or border closures inflict massive damage on the economy, but we also experienced a significant loss in social terms. As we can now really appreciate, leisure travel, besides allowing us to forget our worries, relax and enjoy ourselves, offers a unique chance to discover new things and perhaps also acquire a different perspective on the world. It seems to have the potential to change your way of thinking as well as your lifestyle, thereby developing your personality and character.

Travel to live - live to travel

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Have you ever wondered as a young traveller about the endless possibilities the big world could offer?



Although travelling might be viewed as a necessity for all generations, young people seem to benefit the most of these opportunities as travelling is now regarded as an important source of education. Arguably, the palette of possibilities is nearly infinite for the young, encompassing local day trips, exotic social media-inspired holidays supported by low-cost bus- and airlines, and even whole semesters spent abroad thanks to organisations like Erasmus, Campus Mundi or Stipendium Hungaricum. Whether or not their purpose is explicitly educational, these tours can open new doors in a young person’s life by providing the germ of new skillset, thoughts, and ideas that can continue to grow in them long afterwards. They may also account for the increasing popularity of travelling among younger generations.


Going on a journey, testing yourself in a different, unfamiliar setting has its ups and downs, but every single step on the road is vital in teaching valuable life lessons that one cannot learn by simply sitting at home in front of a book or television.


Travelling can initiate self development. For example: 


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