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How do you embrace the foreign environment when the fact remains that it is ‘foreign’? There may be challenges, barriers, and a lot of apprehensions to be faced. But with the right kind of character extensions, awareness, and approach, adapting might just become easier. We curate our character as we grow and putting in conscious and focused efforts might help us transform challenging phases of our lives into memorable ones. Leanne Pooley once said,

You can never be too prepared.’

There has to be some truth to that, right?

Nowadays, our travel ambitions have found both acknowledgment and encouragement. Many more students are determined not to settle for anything less. 


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With the zeal to explore and achieve, students apply for scholarships, fellowships, and work opportunities abroad.  Their conviction takes them to great foreign universities even if it falls beyond their realm of comfort.

However, what happens when the new life becomes an everyday life? How exactly can you keep it still filled with vigor and feel if not at home, at least something close to it?

Initially, getting even the simplest tasks done can feel like a scavenger hunt, causing a lot of confusion and exhaustion. Realistically, though, being a true international is not just going to be about happy explorations. Being aware of the challenges and the possible solutions beforehand will equip internationals to approach life abroad with a more flexible and adaptive mindset.

A few helpful points to focus on can be: 

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