FOMO: Part 2- Breaking the cycle of exhaustion

A quick recap:


 In the previous article, “FOMO: The cycle of exhaustion explainedwe tried to:


 •  Understand the complexities behind the simple phenomenon of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

 •  We summarised it as a feeling of “Am I doing enough? Are not the others doing more?”

 •  We found out that FOMO – like many other worldly things – does not discriminate, and affects every age group and gender category.



FOMO exhaustion tips

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• We observed that students are one of those categories; readers may well relate to this.

• We also highlighted the different ways in which FOMO manifests itself in students.

• We underlined that we are better equipped to face challenges with proper character building.


However, if Part 2 is the first article to have caught your attention, please consider going through the link in order to diagnose yourself or someone you know or just for the basic understanding of FOMO.

Now that it is clear as to what, why and how FOMO happens, it is vital to ask the question,


Is there is a way out?


Thanks to the acknowledgement of the problem, people have pondered over solutions.

As unbelievable it might sound, there does exists an opposite of FOMO, JOMO, the Joy Of Missing Out. And as, Kristen Fuller, M.D of Psychology puts it one should embrace JOMO which acts as an antidote of FOMO. As part of the era which adopts trend, JOMO might be the trend we should sought. But in order to achieve that, there is an immediate need for targeted efforts.


The simple steps that can be taken consciously and persistently are:

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Jeny Jose Assistant Editor at GiLE Journal

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