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To achieve more in life, we make plans and set targets, we follow this pathway to reach our goals. In the previous article (click to link), we chose to succeed in many ways and in different careers. 


Between career planning and achievements, there is a fine line called character development. 


So, how could you achieve more with character development? 

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It might sound like a hard question to answer, but if we dig deeper inside, we may find a way to answer that question. 


During our whole life, we encounter situations where we feel hopeless and helpless, with no power to react and there may be times when we see ourselves drowning and unable to extricate ourselves. At other times, we may come across uplifting experiences that make us shine and grow. 


We may challenge ourselves and our surroundings on an ongoing basis, to find the quality of life we desire while searching for opportunities everywhere. If so, sometimes, we will not so much care what precisely we do and where we do it, as the feeling of success is what is paramount. 


What would you like to achieve?  


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