Success and profession: A shining pathway in life

Success! A word of 7 letters with a huge impact…


When you make plans and things go as planned, you call it success.


You see success, when you set for yourself a timeframe to finish a task and you follow it.


You feel you succeed when you set goals for yourself and you aim to achieve them.


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Success is often related to achieving a task you wanted to fulfil, and very often, we tend to relate it to employment. Success at work seems going from position to another and from grade to another: “I started as an intern, 2 years later I became senior, and here I am now a manager!”


Sometimes it feels easy to succeed in one’s work environment, whereas at other times it looks hard. Some people choose to pursue success at work, while other people purposefully choose an occupation where they believe they will succeed.


But how this choice is made? How these people were able to identify occupations where they find success?


Recently, I had some conversations with friends, colleagues, co-workers about their choice of profession and occupation; many of them identified such a profession but they are currently working in another field.


This conflict of choice arises for many reasons: 


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