A Beginner’s Guide to start-up jobs in the digital industry

‘Startups.’ Does it pique your interest as to what it is? How does it operate? and How to get into one? Well, here is a beginners guide based on Ms. Orsolya Imre’s talk on the topic “A Beginner’s Guide to the multiverse of start-up jobs in the digital industry”  at the ‘GiLE4Youth’ conference on the 2nd of June ’22. The presentation focused on four primary areas:

  • A brief overview of the digital industry;
  • An explanation of “what is a startup?”;
  • Key skills that young people need to get jobs in the sector;
  • Tips on how to apply for jobs. 

Image from Unsplash.com by @perloov

Ms. Imre is an experienced HR professional who has formerly worked with Planetly in Germany and pursued her studies at Corvinus University, Budapest. At the outset, she mentioned her career path to highlight something important about working in the digital space and start-ups. It is a working environment centred primarily around ‘interest’ and not necessarily in an academic way. She helps companies and people develop skills and build teams and processes; consequently, she spoke from personal experience in her talk.

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Jeny Jose

Assistant Editor,

GiLE Journal of Skills Development

Jeny Jose Assistant Editor at GiLE Journal

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