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Read our latest articles on competency development. You’ll discover more about the importance of character building, career planning and communication skills.

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Read our latest posts on the 3Cs: character building, career development and communication competencies.

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Character Building

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“Actions speak louder than words”. People with desirable personality and character traits achieve greater success in their careers, achieve better academic performance, and they often make better leaders!

Character building articles:
Articles on Competency Development

Career Planning

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Focus on where you want to be in life. Improve your skills that potential employers are looking for and it will help you successfully overcome a global skills crisis and youth unemployment crisis. 

Career planning articles:
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Communication Skills

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Practice makes perfect. Learn about how to efficiently deliver information in various contexts by using verbal and non-verbal signals, in writing and in the digital world. Efficient communication competencies will allow you to understand and be understood by others.

Communication skills articles:

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Read our previous articles on the future of education! You’ll discover more about the latest developments in global education systems and non-formal education.