GJSD Vol. 2 No. 1. is now published!
Navigating youth-related challenges
& opportunities in Hungary
Review: Key Findings 2021
The GiLE Foundation successfully pilots the Changemakers Leadership Programme
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GJSD Issue 2 is published!
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Navigating youth-related challenges & opportunities in Hungary
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Our foundation successfully pilots the Changemakers Leadership Programme
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The Global Institute for Lifelong Empowerment (GiLE) is a foundation based in Budapest. Our initiative was launched in 2019 at the World Science Forum.

2020 was a year like none before

Annual Report

The GiLE Foundation is proud to share its first Annual Report with you.

We accomplished a lot in a short period of time and we are grateful to all our contributors and volunteers for their continuous support.

Latest articles

Read our latest posts on the 3Cs: character building, career development and communication competencies.

GiLE Journal

The GiLE Journal of Skills Development (GJSD) invites authors to submit research papers for its next issue here.

The Aims & Scope of the journal and the types of papers accepted are available here.

To get updates Signup here.

Call for Pares GJSD

Season two

Our Latest Podcast Episode

In this episode, we are talking to István Kárász, an economist focused on development economics, innovation ecosystems, and the European labour market’s sustainable business management and growth. He is a founding member and the president of Pact for Youth, whilst an analyst for the Technopolis Group. István has a Masters degree in International Economy and Business, as well as a Bachelor degree in Business Administration. He is a true believer in the European project, a catalyst for his work.

Kárász István GiLE podcast

István Kárász

President of Pact for Youth

& analyst at Technopolis Group

This is season two of the ParadigmShift podcast. In this season we are talking about FrontRunners – young people who are shifting culture and influencing communities in their respective fields.

Our Short Courses

The GiLE Foundation is proud to offer 2-day courses that are affordable, high-quality and in-depth. For a minimal fee, students and recent graduates can develop key competencies and techniques that are typically not taught at university or college.


The latest courses that we offer are:

Did you know?
The World Economic Forum launched the Reskilling Revolution to provide one billion people with better education, skills and jobs by 2030.
World Economic Forum
Did you know?
Two-thirds of all jobs will be soft skill-intensive by 2030.
Did you know?
UNESCO is launching a Global Skills Academy to equip one million young people with employability and resilience skills, between 2020 and 2021.
Did you know?
Creativity & empathy will be as important as A.I. for future jobs.
World Economic Forum
Did you know?
The most in-demand soft skills in 2020 are creativity, persuasion, collaboration, adaptability and emotional intelligence.
LinkedIn Learning

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